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Wellness Starts From Within

Thriving with Energetic Wellness & Practical Aromatherapy

Meet Shannon Sundberg

Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, & Energetic Specialist

Since 2013 Soily has transformed from a simple aromatherapy business into offering additional holistic and non-invasive services including Tuning Fork sessions, Reiki Energy Healing, Biocommunication Zyto scans, IonCleanse Detox foot baths, PEMF sessions, and Mindset Mentoring.  Soily offers options to support our bodies in gentle yet productive ways.  Focusing on peeling back the layers to find the root cause.  Guiding you to reach for and get your optimal wellness and mindset.


2017 welcomed the opening of our physical gathering space called Valor47.  Valor47 started with meeting space, co-working space, and a few private practitioner rooms.  2020 transitioned Valor47 into the realm of virtual events and programs.  A private office is available for you to run your virtual event from.  Private practitioners accommodate the remaining offices with a relaxing and calm waiting room.


Soily loves to serve others and support each person's journey.  We want every client to be supported, inspired, and grow their Wellness from Within.


Thank you for being here today!

Shannon Sundberg

Soily Aromatics, Energetics, & Mentoring ~ Wellness from Within

Hope Dealer ~ Kindness Creator ~ Dream Designer

Meet Amelia
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Creating customized Aromatic products with Intention

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Energy Work

Intuition guides the tools for gentle & effective healing

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Aligning Mind, Body, & Spirit for transformation & Success

Aroma & Energy

It can help with

Why Naturopathy

Supports your gut microbiome. Stabilize and maintain a healthy system.


Feel energized mentally and physically with the proper aromatherapy and frequency.


The simple and easy processes to support all your body systems and increase your level of wellness from within.

Women's Health

Balancing hormones is beneficial on many levels and is a delicate process.  Use gentle and

non-invasive support to feel balanced every day.


Removing limiting beliefs and working towards your goals and dreams.


Feel contentment and calm with natural ways to lower the "stress hormone".


“Shannon is passionate and knowledgeable.  She helped me reduce toxin exposure for my family and support our wellness from within with footbaths and essential oils.  I'm thrilled with my increased energy, better sleep, and no more fog brain ”

— S.A.

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Valor47 ~ 431 Payran St., Building B, Petaluma, CA

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