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Meet Shannon Sundberg

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Aromatherapist & Energetic Specialist


The journey to arrive at SOily Aromatics, Energetics & Wellness has been a path of bumps and at times seemed like a maze, with some paths leading to a dead end.  I wouldn’t change one step or bump because I would have ended up in a different place.

This journey, while bumpy has also been filled with adventures, laughter, fun, inspiration, celebrations, and so much love and passion.


The journey of SOily began way back in 1999 when I purchased my first high-quality essential oils and began using them avidly.  I finished off 2002 by becoming a Certified Aromatherapist.  I began a “side hustle” of making and selling amazing aromatherapy products under the ShyGirl Scents label.  At the end of 5 years, I was trying to handle working a full-time day job, running my dream job as a side hustle, while dealing with multiple health issues.  The health issues often resulted with me being bedridden for days at a time, which didn’t mesh well with my goals and path.  I decided to take a hiatus and focus on those health issues which included infertility, adrenal fatigue, and endometriosis.


My time in hiatus was focused on educating, learning, and researching.  I hit a crossroads and had to choose between fostering wellness from within my own body and being uncomfortable with what others believed or go down the same path that started with physical discomfort would soon include mental and spiritual discomfort.  I chose to believe in myself, in doing better, and that healing would come and did come from within myself.


2013 was a pivotal year with my miracle child’s birth, confirming that changes in lifestyle, doing better because we know better to reduce body burden, and supporting our body systems can have amazing results.


Since 2013 SOily has transformed from a simple aromatherapy business into offering additional holistic and non-invasive services including Tuning Fork sessions, Reiki, Biocommunication Zyto scans, IonCleanse Detox foot baths, PEMF sessions, and Mindset Mentoring.  SOily offers options to support our bodies in gentle yet productive ways.  Focusing on peeling back the layers to find the root cause.  Guiding you to reach for and get your optimal wellness and mindset.


2017 welcomed the opening of our physical gathering space called Valor47.  Valor47 started with meeting space, co-working space, and a few private practitioner rooms.  2020 transitioned Valor47 into the realm of virtual events and programs.  A private office is available for you to run your virtual event from.  Private practitioners accommodate the remaining offices with a relaxing and calm waiting room.


SOily loves to serve others and support each person's journey.  We want every client to be supported, inspired, and grow their Wellness from Within.


Thank you for being here today!

Shannon Sundberg

SOily Aromatics, Energetics, & Wellness ~ Wellness from Within

Valor47 ~ Holistic Wellness space for professional practitioners

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